President Of Muslim Organization Defends Trump’s Executive Order

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Raheel Raza, President of the Council for Muslims Dealing with Tomorrow, defended Donald Trump’s government order halting immigration from seven Center-Japanese nations, telling Wealthy Zeoli on Speak Radio 1210 WPHT that she trusts that Trump is doing the suitable factor.

“Individuals have to learn and pay attention rigorously and never have a lot hysteria and knee jerk reactions…It’s not a ban on Muslims. If it was, he would have stated so. As we nicely know, and I do know, President Trump shouldn’t be afraid to talk out and say what’s on his thoughts. It’s undoubtedly not a ban towards Islam. It’s truly a short lived moratorium on immigration from some nations, which have inner issues of radicalization which promote and help terrorists.”

She believes some other head of state would take the identical actions underneath comparable circumstances.

“It’s a approach of cleansing home. I all the time give the analogy that I’ve an open coverage of inviting individuals into my residence, however once they are available, in the event that they need to destroy my furnishings, I’ll undoubtedly not need them to return again till I can work out learn how to repair the issue. This moratorium is to attempt to strengthen the borders of the nation and each chief has a proper to take a look at the safety and security of their very own nation and strengthen their borders. Each nation does that.”

Raza additionally said that Islam is partly in charge for international terrorism and that followers within the West have to take steps to confront it.

“Muslims of America ought to look upon this as a chance to face up and be counted and say that, look, this can be a drawback that stems from the Muslim world. It’s an issue inside our ranks and we’re right here to assist clear up this drawback.”

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