Interview: Dr. Travis Stork On How To Treat Addiction And Embrace Your Flaws

The Docs, hosted by Dr. Travis Stork, just lately labored with slapstick comedian Anthony Steven Kalloniatis on overcoming his meals habit. CBS Native’s Matt Weiss spoke with Dr. Stork to get the within scoop on the work Anthony goes by means of in addition to find out how to keep a usually wholesome way of life.

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MW- In the present day’s episode of The Docs highlights slapstick comedian Anthony Steven Kalloniatis and his struggles with habit. Anthony is a former heroin addict presently affected by a meals habit, how did you initially get in touch with Anthony?

TS- Ant reached out to us as a result of he noticed an episode we did with meals habit and acquired in contact with one in every of our producers. Ant highlights one thing actually necessary which is, you possibly can overcome one habit however typically it will get changed with one other one. He brazenly admits on the present as we speak that heroin was simpler to beat than his meals habit and there’s a purpose for that. Meals is totally different from a drug within the sense that you must have it to outlive, it’s ubiquitous, authorized and a number of the meals we eat these days are actually designed to be addictive. The best way that your mind processes meals could be very comparable, when it comes to how these dopamine facilities mild up, to medicine and alcohol.

Ant’s story is actually salient as a result of lots of people on the market, they could cope with meals habit and not likely understand it. At some degree meals habit turns into a real consuming dysfunction so Ant’s story, I feel, will actually increase consciousness and lots of people on the market will in all probability empathize with what he’s going via.

MW- Is that a state of affairs you see lots, the place somebody overcomes one habit and replaces it with one other?

TS- Completely. As anybody is aware of, some individuals have addictive personalities, the problem turns into for those who can substitute a nasty habit with a wholesome one. Then you definitely win. In Ant’s case he changed, in some ways, his heroin habit with a meals habit. Our aim is to vary that meals habit to one thing that’s going to be good for his well being.

If you’re hooked on one thing it’s not like at some point you’re simply un-hooked on it. In some ways you keep hooked on it eternally, you all the time need it. What’s lovely is you possibly can change, change your mindset. For some individuals it might actually be they’re capable of overcome alcohol or medicine or meals…

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